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Be prepared, the music on Essential Madness Radio is absurd, adventurous, bizarre, crazy, dark, deviant, experimental, freaky, funny, humorous, independent, inventive, off-key, original, otherworldly, peculiar, playful, quirky, strange, twisted, unique, unusual, weird, wild, and zany.

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Essential Madness Radio is brought to you by DJ jri. Every 4th Wednesday MissVergnügen (host) and I give the Strange Songs for Strange People / Die Musiktherapeuten parties at Berlin's Eschschloraque night club.

You can contact me at I'd love to hear about your EMR experience. Also I'll appreciate your music recommendations.

Art is not imitation, nor is it something manufactured according to
the wishes of instinct or good taste. It is a process of expression.

-- Merleau-Ponty

Music content updated: Sep 13, 2020