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Edgy music by eccentric minds
Where the urge for expression supersedes the will to please


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Be prepared, the music on Essential Madness Radio is abrasive, absurd, adventurous, bizarre, crazy, dark, deviant, erroneous, experimental, freaky, hilarious, humorous, independent, inventive, original, otherworldly, quirky, strange, terrifying, weird, wild, and zany.

The overall music style is experimental, that is the avoidance of pre-manufactured formats and an interest in surprises. The overall spirit is D.I.Y., that is when the urge for creative expression meets the devices at hand. Talking of "genres" these would possibly be: post-punk, industrial, new/minimal wave, Neue Deutsche Welle, theater/ballet/circus music, soundtrack, collages, sound bites, raw audio, psychedelic, jazz, dub, reggae, hip hop, electro, and punk. Often we are in Germany and/or in the 80's. Thematically it's often about sex, drugs, computers & video games, afrofuturism, (anti-)capitalism, global apocalypse, and personal distress.

The tracks are played in random order, so some juxtapositions will certainly be banal, but occasionally stories come through. Anyways EMR will keep your ears and your brain constantly busy, and sometimes will even engage your feet.

Obviously you can play EMR with the player above. Alternatively you can use your own player (e.g. iTunes, VLC). The stream URL is

Essential Madness Radio is brought to you by DJ jri. Every 4th Wednesday MissVergn├╝gen (host) and I gave the Strange Songs for Strange People parties at Berlin's Eschschloraque artist club (until 2020). In case you like EMR please consider sending me an email. I'd love to get in contact with great people like you. 😀 Also I'd appreciate your craziest yet listenable music recommendation.

Art is not imitation, nor is it something manufactured according to
the wishes of instinct or good taste. It is a process of expression.

-- Merleau-Ponty

For Essential Madness Radio jri did 2 mashups, that is mixing 2 tracks together.

During the Vietnam war a local Vietnamese, "Hanoi Hannah", gives a demoralizing speech to the surrounding GIs, through a public address loudspeaker. Mixed with "Nachalo" by Slava Ranko (from the 1981 album "Arctic Hysteria").

Bill "Ravi" Harris plays a sitar on a James Brown-like beat, mixed with a comedy performance by The Frantics (1987). In it a martial arts teacher in Ti Kwan Leep is disturbed by a participant who is not realizing he is in the wrong workshop.

jri also loves to curate mixes, that is selecting and sequencing suitable pieces to build diverse but coherent journeys.

A fine selection of trip hop, dub, and breakbeat with a very dark spirit. Created 1998 for (as "Load 3").

After strolling the catacombs of darkness for quite a while jri eventually entered the realm of light and love. This mix was created 2022 and was 1st in Mixcloud's global gospel music chart. Hallelujah! 😀

Radio content updated: Jun 3, 2023